January 22, 2009

23 brand new computer units purchased

One of the educational concerns of SAINT ANNE ACADEMY is for the students to become computer literate so as to train them to be globally competitive individuals. For this, the administration recently purchased 23 brand new units of computers now properly installed in the refurbished Computer Room. The new computers are available for SAINT ANNE ACADEMY students during class days. The computer lab boosts also of a router that connects several units to the world wide web. Such internet connection is readily available for the students’ research work. According to Mr. Dominador G. Bernabe, Jr., computer teacher: “there is a plan of the Administration to connect all units to the server.”

With these units of brand new computers plus a refurbished room , the students feel more comfortable and relaxed while enjoying hands-on activities. On the other hand, some of the old computers had been discarded while some are still functioning well.

by Angelica M. Bautista

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