June 25, 2009


Last year, SAA lived within her means: that is, finances were put in order, facilities were improved, no solicitations done, no fund raising. Voila! We survived and enjoyed the surpluses of good financial management. Incentives and benefits were given to teachers. Students who had financial difficulties were taken cared of. We tilted the gravity towards "the Church of the poor!" They were our treasures. When many of them could not pay the tuition or other fees, the good God always gave us a way to help.

We remain grateful to many alumni who offered to help. We declined however, because we wanted to see whether SAA academy can survive financially by putting in order the system of accounting and auditing.

This year we open the scholarship fund from any generous person: THE BURSE OF ST. JOACHIM. The scholarship foundation will be duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. All donations will be properly receipted. Only designated cashier and school treasurer can receive donations and an audited financial report will be given to those who sponsor our students.

So, the BURSE OF ST. JOACHIM is now open!

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